Office Junk Removal

Office Junk removal


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Before Mr Junk  takes your computer, wipe your hard drive using specialized software designed to government standards that will overwrite your information. Computers can be large and heavy and contain hazardous materials to our landfills. Mr Junk specializes in proper disposal and always offers to re-purpose computers to non profits or schools when applicable.


Not only are some printers large and very heavy but they contain dangerous and hazardous materials. Dropping a printer can cause the toner to disperse in the air creating a toxic cloud. Care should always be taken. Mr Junk specializes in removing these types of office junk.


Many people aren’t aware that there is a certain way to properly dispose of a computer monitor. Many leave monitors by the curb only to let them end up in local landfills. This practice is of great concern because computer monitors contain materials that are considered hazardous waste. When you do not dispose of the monitor properly, these materials can seep into the ground, damaging both the soil and ground water, in addition to posing other dangers. Mr Junk takes special care to remove junk computer monitors.

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